The Top Of Movie Houses?

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Festival passes at the moment are out there at the CCP Box Office. Grounded by excellent performances by Royce Cabrera, Kokoy de Santos, and Ricky Davao, this film is a get up call. Cabrera and de Santos deliver brave performances that digs deep and presents their character’s innocence and fragility. It’s a completely dedicated performance that that is certain to have folks notice beyond their good looks.

It’s as if he still directs a big-budget movie using small-budget movie instruments. As a lead actor he does a convincing chef undergoing a mid-life disaster. His character is surprisingly likeable regardless of having an unlikeable persona, as a result of he is actual to himself and he appears harmless about fashionable things. His viral video scene is humorous and cringe-y at the same time, which I think is the best scene of the film.

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There’s one thing magical about cinema houses. No matter how great your house theater is, you can’t replicate the magic and pleasure of going to a movie show. Movie houses have come a great distance in the Philippines.

From easy to state-of-the-art, cinema houses have turn into a favorite pastime for Filipinos. Watched it last evening and I like how simple it is and it's apparent that when Casper lashes out to the critic, Favreau is not only talking about food It's a few movie about rediscovering your path again. Very personal movie and it doesn't have big moments or overly dramatic scenes. And yes nakakagutom ang film na ito, I love Favreau captured the magnificence of cooking and love for food.

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