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Although this is true for the majority of players, and it is true for those who do not know how to play the house effectively, there are ways of coming out with more money, and kudos, than you entered. Nobody expects a beginner to win, and it is this lack of expectation that you must use to your advantage. My Blackjack Cheat Sheet card will show you the secrets to how to come out on top against players who have been playing for longer, and against a casino that doesn’t want you to win. Although we call this a Cheat Sheet,it is really cheating? No - not really. What I am offering you is, in fact, a blackjack strategy to help you get further. Think of it like playing a video game with a guide, or going on a guided tour when you go on vacation. That’s not cheating - that’s just sensible precautions. Sure, you think, but isn’t blackjack a game, and wouldn’t a winning strategy be against the spirit of that game? If you’re thinking that, then, my friend, you are more noble than most of the players out there, and the world needs more people like you - but the world isn’t like that, and to make sure you come out on top, you need the Blackjack Cheat Sheet. First, though, let’s take you through some basics of deck blackjack terminology and blackjack strategy, as you’ll need to know what these words and phrases mean in order to decipher what our Cheat Sheet is saying.

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DARPA to brief industry on developing artificial intelligence and cyber security for military satellites

Related: DARPA Blackjack to develop small, secure military satellites for low-Earth orbit Historically, U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) satellites have been custom-designed, with lengthy and expensive design and upgrade cycles. The evolution of commercial space, however, has led to LEO broadband Internet communications satellites that could offer attractive economies of scale to the military. The Blackjack program will emphasize a commoditized bus and low-cost interchangeable payloads with short design cycles and frequent technology upgrades, based on a ‘good enough’ payloads optimized for more than one type of bus. The Blackjack Pit Boss segment of the program consists of developing an avionics box and computing node -- also called an edge processor -- which includes hosted autonomy software with artificial intelligence ; dynamically distributed computing dispersed among hundreds to thousands of nodes; precision timing; low SWaP-C space processing hardware; embedded cyber security; cryptographic solutions; mission integration; and spacecraft integration.

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